How Did I Miss This?

Those of you who like to follow US protestant fundamentalism will get a kick out of this. Apparently, last year tax-evader, conspiracy theorist, KJV-Onlyist, and young earth creationist Kent Hovind published a second “dissertation” while in prison. His 1991 “dissertation” for a PhD in Christian Education from the diploma mill Patriot Bible University was a smash hit on the internet, but this one takes the cake! This time around it’s for doctorate in Ministry and is entitled What On Earth Is About To Happen… For Heaven’s Sake?. What is Dr. Dino’s hypothesis? The second coming of Jesus Christ will occur in the year 2028.  It’s pretty much amazing. Here are some screen shots. Enjoy!



Since when can you use emoticons in a paper? I totally want to use some in my master’s thesis.


A product placement.


Apparently Kent Hovind likes the Matrix movies.


Easily my favorite.


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