Charismatics, Israel, and Minorities

21I came across this the other day. Apparently, charismatics around the world are organizing a mass gathering in Jerusalem on Pentecost 2015. Sponsored by Empowered 21, a New Apostolic Reformation organization (NAR), and they are billing it as the largest gathering of Christians ever in that city’s modern history.


To me the question is obvious: where do indigenous Christian groups (especially Palestinian Christians) fall into this? Evangelicals and Charismatics do not exactly have the best relationship with Arab Christians. Several large Evangelical ministries financially support Israeli settlers that drive out Christians and Muslims alike in the West Bank. The Charismatic controlled TV channel GODTV funds efforts to destroy Bedouin villages. Given the history of Evangelical and Charismatic treatment of Christian groups that are indigenous to the area, I highly doubt Empowered 21 will even admit their existence and will skip over the various hardships that these groups experience in Israel and Palestine. My prediction is that the “largest Christian gathering in Jerusalem in modern history” will be made up of just religious tourists to the region.



Clergy from Christian minority communities protesting the Israeli government along side Muslims.

On the other hand it could be a good chance for inter-christian ecumenism. We will just have to wait and see. At the pace NAR groups are growing, it’s only a matter of time until they have to enter into dialog with other Christian communities.


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