Murray Rothbard, a giant of american libertarianism, hated Gandhi

For those of you interested in the study of non-violent struggle and history of libertarianism, you might be surprised to learn that Murray Rothbard (an early giant of the modern libertarian party) hated Mahatma Gandhi. ┬áHere are some screen shots from his 1983 article “The Menace of Gandhism” in the Libertarian Forum:

Menace 1

menace 2

menace 4

Rothbard complaining about the idea of “non-violent direct action training.”

menace 5

This one sounds a little racist. It’s orientalist at best.

I examine the use of Sharp’s work within the libertarian movement in the 1980’s for one of the chapters of my master’s thesis. To say the least, his work was not integrated into libertarianism to the extent that it could. This is largely due to Rothbard’s disapproval of party and non-party politics that didn’t perfectly align with his views. Also, the early years of the Libertarian Party were relatively embarrassing. Rothbard was known for some incredibly obnoxious statements. Expect more in the future on this. If you want for information or what a digital copy of the original article, please e-mail.