The American Mercury May 1937-“If Christ came to Sydney today”

I’ve been going through old center-right literature. All of the screen shots are from the May 1937 edition of The American Mercury. To be fair, the magazine wasn’t truly far-right until the 1940s when the ownership changed, but ,with articles titled “Autocrat vs. Constitution”, “You can’t beat the landlord”, “The Cost of Communism”, and “America’s Pampered Parasites”, it’s fair to say that the magazine was fairly conservative at even this point.  It’s over a 100 pages, so I am still working through the article. So most of the screen shots are from advertisements and the like.

ellis' sex

This one is my favorite.

women's body

nude fitness book.


refined From the odd news around the world section. Apparently, Jesus REALLY likes cricket and white women are good at cleaning.


I guess some things never change.


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