Ohio Christian University, Faith-Based Plagiarism, and the History of the CCCU

I’ve written about my dissatisfaction with Ohio Christian University before. It’s harder to ignore the faults of an institution so closely to tied to your childhood. Their talk-radio show Faith & Liberty represents everything wrong with the Republican Party today, appealing to the very worse of American “Conservatism”. Mr. Garrison, the host of the show, describes it as picking up “where fox news leaves off“. However, despite that institution’s supposed adherence to fiscal conservatism, they have received millions of dollars in subsidies directly from the state of Ohio and the federal government.

tim plag

Timothy Goeglein receiving his award.

This fall/winter, OCU increased their conservative credentials. Young America, a Reaganite conservative organization based out of Virginia, named the university one of the top conservative schools in the country. The other schools on the list are quite diverse, so it’s hard to draw strong conclusions from this. They ranged from the more libertarian (Hillsdale), to the evangelical (Liberty), and the Catholic (Thomas More). Because of this, I can’t make any strong conclusions based on OCU being on the lists. The process by which the schools are selected isn’t described, but I have my doubts. I hardly think it’s a good school, let alone a good conservative school. I have yet to meet a well academically trained OCUer.

Another recent event was them giving their own Faith & Liberty Award to former George W. Bush Special Assistant Timothy Goeglein. Goeglein resigned from his position after he was caught plagiarizing. At least 38 columns that he wrote were lifted directed from other people’s work. This is hardly the kind of person that a university should honor as an example of academic integrity

Alvin York

Alvin York

With all of this in mind, I honestly wonder if the founders of the Church of Christ in Christian Union (the denomination that created OCU) would recognize it. It broke from The Christian Union in 1909 due to a dispute over Wesley’s teachings regarding Entire Sanctification, but the Christian Union broke from the Methodist Episcopal Church over that denomination’s support of the Civil War. By the time of WWI, the Christian Union and The Church of Christ in Christian Union were well known for their opposition to organized violence. Consider one of the most famous men the CCCU ever produced, Alvin York. York was a soldier in WWI who received the medal of honor. He killed at least 28 Germans and captured over 100 in combat. He tried filing as a conscientious objector on religious ground but they drafted him anyway. Upon returning from the war, he became a minister in the CCCU and argued for a more non-interventionist approach to US foreign policy. When was the last time anyone from the CCCU mentioned York?

On that note, when was the last time anyone from the CCCU took their novel doctrine of Entire Sanctification to include abstention from violence? If it’s really possible to be morally perfect in the life for the average person through God’s grace, why does that not include a denial violence?




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