“gigolos of science”: Letter’s to Ayn Rand

The publication of Atlas Shrugged was an important moment in the history of right-libertarianism. Unlike other authors, Ayn Rand attempted to create a moral case of capitalism and individualism. Though there was some strong tensions between libertarians and Rand’s Objectivists over Rand’s rejection of the non-aggression principle as an axiom, her promotion of the conquest of “primitives” (e.g. Native Americans), and her support for intervention in the Middle East, the book was widely received in the wider libertarian community (I will cover this in future posts). Both Murray Rothbard (1957) and Luwig Von Mises (1958) sent her letters praising it. I have reproduced the original Mises letter below and the ending of the Rothbard letter. In reference to the Mises letter, I’m waiting on someone to start a blog called “The Gigolos of Science”. That would be awesome.



mises letter



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