“ISIS”, Mental Illness, and Lancaster

For those that live in Lancaster or people interested in the odder things in life, you might be interested in knowing that a man was arrested Saturday after threatening to blow up the local Walgreens. Apparently, after the cashier refused to buy him a drink, he flipped out, started ranting about how he was part of ISIS, and how was going to blow the place up. Knowing this area and by a quick look at the guy, the man was probably a victim of drug abuse, completely tanked, or suffering from an untreated mental illness. Of course, most people are not taking it seriously and are calling into attention the need for mental healthcare, but you know how the internet works. It’s full of crazy people. It’s unfortunate that a clear example of severe mental illness is being used by an uneducated fringe to beat the drums of jingoism. As expected, I went through the comments myself so you don’t have to. “Enjoy”

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It’s nice to know that I live with a bunch of violent sociopaths.