OCU Implicitly Endorses this Starbucks Nonsense

JoshuaFeuersteinOk… no one cares about this Starbucks “war-on-Christmas” story. I know of no one, Christian or otherwise, that is actually upset that a certain coffee company changed the look of their cups. Basically, one man named Joshua Feuerstein, who quite possibility one of the most annoying voice ever to plague the human race, complained on his youtube channel about it and now everyone is freaking out. There isn’t very much real substance to the story. It’s just media hype and conservative Christians can pretty easily wipe their hands clean of this whole story… except for people associated with Ohio Christian University and the Church of Christ in Christian Union. The whole incident is another testament of the level to which President Mark Smith has sunk the university to. For those that don’t know, OCU sponsors Joshua Feuerstein’s work.

In the same week Feuerstein released his video he appeared as a guest on OCU’s Faith & Liberty Talk Show and was honored for being a “Guru of Christian Social Media”. In September, Feuerstein did a video endorsing the university, which lead me to suspect some type of business relationship between the two. This suspicion was confirmed by the most recent and the first episode of Feuerstein’s web show The Radicals. He listed OCU (along with Genetic Edge Compounds and The Family Policy Council of West Virginia) as a sponsor of his show and did a short advertise for them while simultaneously taking a jab at Liberty University.

“It wasn’t very long ago that I meet the people from Ohio Christian University. Look.. they’re never going to have Bernie Sanders speak at their university. Trust me, this is the place where literally culture, Christianity, politics, all come together. I’ve never been more impressed by a single university than I have OCU.”

Let’s be frank here. Within the CCCU and Ohio Christian University circles, if my name comes up it probably isn’t a good thing. I don’t shy from the fact that I’m highly critical of Wesleyanism as articulated by these folks and I have no illusions that they will listen to me for second, but ,to my OCU and CCCU friends, how can you simultaneously wipe your hands clean of this Starbucks nonsense and allow OCU to financially support Feuerstein? To those within the OCU hierarchy such as President Mark Smith and Prof. Dave Garrison, what exactly is the extent of the business relationship between the university and Feuerstein and what is your opinion of his Starbucks antics?


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