I’m Going to Be A Dad

wedding-photo2016 was a year of change for me. I got married to my best friend and immigrated to a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda. 2016, to me, meant radical change. Kristen has given me stability and direction that only a loving woman can, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. Literally having an ocean between you and the one you love necessitates taking risk to be with them. Once you find someone you love, just go for it.

Now it’s 2017 and I have a whole new set of adventures. Late July this year, we are expecting another addition to our family. We don’t know the gender yet, but we will soon. Kristen just entered the second trimester. In some weird almost poetic way, we found out on Thanksgiving Day. It took a few days for it to soak in but I got there: I’M GOING TO BE A DAD. Nathan and Kristen Lawrence are going to have a little trouble-maker running around.

Both Kristen and I would also appreciate your prayers. Kristen has a condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which I have had described to me as morning sickness on steroids. The kind of morning sickness that could make you puke for twelve hours without any stop in sight. If left untreated, it results in severe dehydration and hospitalization. In the past, cases could result in death. This has led to some frustrating moments. The next person that suggests “ginger and saltine crackers” to curb nausea to my wife is in for a world of hurt. HG is an entirely different condition and I feel for all women that have it after seeing what Kristen has been through.

Despite this issue, Kristen and I remain positive and look forward to seeing our little African-American/Caucasian/Portuguese-Bermudian boy or girl. We are incredibly blessed to bring a life into this world and would appreciate any and all support. Out of all the adventures I’ve been on, I can easily say that this is the most exciting.