Below is a list of published materials, both popular and academic:

Will “Socialism” Save Nigeria? The Resist Daily 2015

Will ISIS Bring About About Christian Unity? The Resist Daily 2015

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Northern Racism The Resist Daily 2015

On Gene Sharp, Non-Violent Struggle, and Power:What Do Murray Rothbard and Hugo Chavez Have in Common? Master’s Thesis. Department of International Relations, Hacettepe University. 2014.

Non-violent Conflict is Still Conflict. The Center for Justice and Security. 2014

Father Revolutionary. The Red Egg Review. 2014

The churches pray for peace in Ukraine. Waging Nonviolence. 2014

Ohio cracks down on grassroots organizing, causing an unlikely coalition Waging Nonviolence 2013

What the neocons want from Ukraine. Waging Nonviolence. 2013.

Are Ukrainians taking the streets for neoliberalism? Waging Nonviolence. 2013

Reinhold Niebuhr and Barack Obama: The Connection”,  Northwest Ohio International Affairs Consortium conference and symposium “Current Issues in American Foreign Policy and National Security“. March 20th, 2010.


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